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Post  xSacred on Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:53 am

Hey im Hardk0re.
My name is Alvaro.

[Sorry. Denied.] Reason: You didn't follow the format. You can try next time

Im 16 years old and i am a man

Im from Lima - Peru, South America

I have no experiencie but i think this is the time to try being a GM i get some exp.
I speak Spanish so i can help latin people that doesnt speak english.
I play everyday and always trying to help other people.
I know that this is not the best application ever but im doing my best with the english.

My msn is apadros_26@hotmail.com if u wanna contact u can send me an email or something.
Im a good person that can help this server to become the best one ever.



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